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We already know what you are thinking: Conowingo is an odd name for a city. Conowingo is a Susquehannock word meaning “at the rapids.” It’s actually an appropriate name for the city as there is a rapid amount of fun to be had for all ages if you come to visit!

OK so we admit it, the name Conowingo is actually referring to the rapids you can see at the Conowingo Fisherman’s Park. Visitors love to frequent the park to launch a boat on the Susquehanna River, experience the massive Conowingo Dam, fish, hike, swim in the pool, enjoy the covered pavilion, and bird watching. Did you know that the Conowingo Dam is 4,648 feet long? That’s almost four times longer than Hoover Dam!

And if you like to get your snack on while you travel, you have to take a tour at the Herr’s Snack Factory and Visitor’s Center. It’s just a short drive from Conowingo, but it’s definitely worth the trip! For four generations and over 70 years, the Herr family has made delicious snacks including chips, pretzels, cheese curls, and popcorn. You can enjoy some freshly made snacks and learn all about how all this deliciousness is produced.

Next up we suggest an outing to Maryland’s favorite zoo: the Plumpton Park Zoo. Visitors of all ages always enjoy meeting Annabelle the Giraffe and checking out our other residents including cougars, llamas, bears, goats, zebras, owls, ducks, parrots, alligators, and snakes just to name a few. It’s even open seven days a week!

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