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Kyle Smoke Lantana FL

Come enjoy the charm of Lantana, FL on your next getaway. Lantana is known as one of the oldest coastal communities in Palm Beach County. But as the old saying goes, “age doesn’t matter unless you’re cheese!” There is plenty of fun and adventure still to be had when you visit Lantana. Your first stop definitely has to be Lantana Municipal Beach. You are in Florida after all! Beaches are what we do best! The beach is open from sunrise to sunset and even has grills and tables for visitors to use. In addition, there are 750 feet of breathtaking beach, a playground, a rock wall, and a volleyball court. For the ultimate escape and escapade, we highly recommend you check out the Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa. Enjoy seven acres of oceanfront splendor on a private beach at this award-winning resort. The five-star amenities include spacious rooms, a fitness center, cabanas, bars,

Restaurants, aquatic sports, programs for kids and teenagers, a full-service and indulgent spa menu, and 24-hour room service. And as a bonus, the resort is dog-friendly! Just a reminder: guests at the resort must be 21 years of age to check-in. Anyone under the age of 21 must be accompanied by an adult.

Conveniently located across the street from the Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa, you’ll find the Plaza del Mar. Take in the glorious views as you stroll the sidewalks and shop at a plethora of fine boutiques. And no need to leave if you get hungry, there are a variety of dining options too, including Lantana’s legendary ice cream.
And if you are a smoking enthusiast we have an amazing one-stop shop for you at the Kyle Smoke Shop Lantana. Yes you read that right. So you can stop searching for a smoke shop near me. The Kyle Smoke Shop Lantana has everything you are looking for and more. Enjoy all the perks of an electronic cigarette store Lantana, smoke shop Lantana, and vape shop Lantana all in one place including:

The Lantana Kyle Smoke Shop is a complete experience just for you. You are on vacation after all, so make it truly count. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are eager to guide you throughout our shop and answer any questions you may have. So what are you waiting for? You have to check out this smoking extravaganza and nirvana.

The Lantana Kyle Smoke Shop is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. We’ve got everything you could possibly need to make your next smoking session the best one yet. Whether you are one of our regular customers or entirely new to smoking, everyone of legal age is welcome here. We are proud of our friendly and community-minded shop. Bring your smile and your enthusiasm, we’ll provide the rest.

Legal disclaimer: At the Lantana Kyle Smoke Shop we sell only legal tobacco and herbs for recreational use only. Due to government regulations, to enter the Lantana Kyle Smoke Shop, you must be of legal age or accompanied by an adult. It’s against the law to purchase tobacco and/or legal herbs for minors